AW entry promotion and R4R

Hi! Will be happy if you give a try to my new story, another world contest entry! Up for a read for read!

Title: AW: A Little Closer
Author: Anya
Instagram: @anby.episode
Story description: Escaping from real life problems in virtual reality is easy. But when new technology allows you to actually live in the virtual world, will you go for it? (Limited CC, F/M LI)


I’d love to do r4r too!
AW: Without law
Genre : Thriller
Story description : You live in Halliway - a modern place created for people who were bored with a normal civilization. But what will people do when there’s no law? Will anyone be really safe?
instagram" @julka.episode

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Hi! I would enjoy to do a r4r with you.

Title: AW: Fallen

Genre: Drama

Summary: What if the Earth was always just a prison for the criminals from another world? You are sent here after being wrongly accused of a crime you didn’t commit. Will you manage to adapt or will you try to find a way back home?


I drew the small and the large cover.


This is my first story and I’m quite nervous about how it turned out, especially since I know that it has many problems with the directing. At least I know that I tried my best. I want to apologize because you might find grammar mistakes, but English is my second language.

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Adding to the list!

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Will do! And if you want, if i find any mistakes I can screenshot and send them to you so that you could correct it after the constst! And do not even worry! First story is always a hard one!

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Thank you so much! I would be really grateful! :heart::heart::heart:

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I can do r4r when my passes refill

Here :blush: I would love to do a R4R with you.
Story name: Trustless (LGBT)
Author: Elenna Spitfire
Description: Everything seems perfect unless you decide to make an account on an online dating app suggested by your friend. You meet the perfect girl but she will find your biggest secret.
Genre: Drama, Comedy.
Chapters: 4 more coming soon.
Style: Limelight
Important Info: I worked so hard at this and I think it worth a read thank you.

Can I do a r4r and promote my story

Here’s the link

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Question, who did your cover?

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Wow your cover looks awesome!

My story:

Title: AW: The Shadows
By: Cece Marie
Description: The earth is dying, shadows kill to procreate and you have no idea who or what you are.
Prepare to be thrilled-
And not in a good way…

(Choices matter; Choose your gender; Art)


Story link here:

Hope you check it out!

I also highly recommend :slight_smile:
AW: Deep Waters by @atteneri.episode


AW: Elisus Veritus by @illustrated.episode

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Title: AW: The Disappearances
Author: GalaxyWolf🕊
Description: No girls were born for many years until you were born. Now there are hundreds of people disappearing each year! Little do they know what has entered their world and the world they are living isn’t… spoiler the real earth. Will they find the truth?

*This is a longer more detailed description. The spoiler won’t spoil the whole story but some of it.


Title: AW: Remember me

Genre: Mystery

Summary: A world in which people can buy other one‘s memories or sell their own. But what has all of this to do with the disappearance of your sister? |Multiple Endings+CC|

Chapters: 4 (Completed)

Story Type: Short Story




Plus+ multiple endings and CC

(Friends story)

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This is my entry for the Another World contest! Would appreciate it if you could check it out! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Title: AW: Endless Colors
Author: Ria H.
Instagram: rwriter.epy
Story description: The world was not always the way it is today. For years nobody dared to look for answers, but here you are, doing so.
Endless_Colors_posterImage_tpDdEbLLOQ Endless_Colors_posterThumb_9LBbswKMIM

I’ll say it here too! Loved it!!!

her Instagram is @saekilin

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Gonna read it now!

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We’re you talking to me?

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Oh no, I was talking to @anby :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll do read for read with people! Just dm me :grin: