AW Winner Predictions

I thought it would be interesting if people listed their Another World Contest Winner predictions so later we can compare them to the actual winners and see if any of us are right. :joy:

Mention 1-3 stories you think deserve to be “winners.”
Don’t mention your own story. There are plenty of places for self promotion. This is to give other authors and stories a chance.

I’ll start:
AW: Elisus veritas by Illustrated
AW: Listen to the Music by Odilia


AW: Lost Half by Martini is simply a masterpiece. :heart_eyes:

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AW: Remember Me from @CelestialMoon :sob:. I haven’t read many short stories, but this one sets the bar high.


I’m in agreement with Simila100. Remember Me is impressive. I kept reading in spite of my hatred of flashing lights.

Proxy is another one that kept my attention. It has potential to get on the winner shelf.

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