Award thread- please put in your poll choice

So not too long ago I made a post asking if Episode had their own kind of award ceremony and people were telling me yes, they do. But the fact that I’ve been reading and writing on Episode for almost 3 years now and just barely hearing about award ceremonies should say something… So I know there are already some, but honestly I kinda want to have my own spin to it, ya know? Where we all can nominate on the best cover maker, best improved author, most original author, and stuff like that. If that’s against policies, please let me know. But if it isn’t against any policies- please leave a vote on whether or not I should create my own turn to it. If I get more yes’s than no’s I would love to create a group with myself and others who are interested and we can plan out and make this award ceremony just how we as a group like it. Coming up with categories, awards, rules, regulations, how to nominate, ect. Let me know!

  • Yes- do it!
  • No

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