Awesome Art Covers! (Closed to Catch Up!)


Hey guys! I can make covers for your story! Just give me the following details and I’ll make it happen!

Author Name:
Character Details with Outfit Details:
Style It’s In:
Large or Small Cover:
Your Instagram username: (If I post your cover on my page then I’ll tag you)

Here are some examples of previous covers I’ve made:

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Author Name: Brenda
Genre: Drama
Description: Aaliyah’s life gets turned upside down when police arrest Aaliyah’s mom for drug possession and Aaliyah gets put in foster care. How will things go in foster care?
Character Description:

Style: Limelight

I want the cover to be extremely dramatic. Well not too dramatic, but I want Aaliyah to look scared and the background is all black and AALIYAH’s name is in a neon pink color. I’m not sure what else I want it to look like but yeah :slight_smile: lol


Large or small cover?


small cover please


So I made a version of an art cover if you don’t like it then I’ll remake it with your character okay?


okay, :slight_smile:


Okay here is the sample version of the art cover (I’l resize and send it if you like it):



Thank you! I like it! But is there anyway you can perhaps make that character have a dirty blonde afro? :slight_smile: (BTW me and my boyfrien think that cover looks AWESOME!)


I’ll try! And thanks :grin:


okay thanks! :smiley: and no prob xD


How does it look now?


Can you actually just use my character? (sorry) and have her doing the “idle_terrfied_loop”
I need my character to be darkskinned that’s why >.< I just realized she’s brown.




ty, sorry i’m being extremely confusing btw .-.


Here is the small cover you requested for:


I love it!!! i’m going to give you credit for the cover, how do you want me to credit you?


Credit is not neccesary cause I included my watermark in the cover :grin:
Btw can you give me your Instagram name so I can tag you if I post it


It’s @brvnda <3


Woah! Those covers are cool! :heart:


Thanks! :grin: