Awesome Splashes! (closed temporarily!)

Hey guys! I can make amazing splashes for you’re stories really quickly!
Just tell me the title, a brief description, and what you’re looking for and I’ll make it happen! Just a quick sidenote, I only edit max two different poses for splashes.
Here are examples of a splashes I’ve made:

Requests I have Pending: (2)


My story is Called Tokyo Underground

I need 3 splashes (I hope that’s not too many xD)

The first one would be a This story uses Music and Sounds one. You can change the content of that to what ever you like if you have better wording.

The second one would be a social media one. It’s for Instagram so you can do what you want with it. My Instagram is cecca.episode

The third and Final one would be a This story contains Mature themes. Reader discretion is advised style splash.

The story is mostly set In japan and it’s about a Japanese crime lord who is propositioned by a agency who want to take down a rival Japanese crime gang. He is forced to help after they promise to track down who killed his fiancée.

Part of it is set in an abandoned Subway

I would like the overall theme of the artwork to be dark and gloomy. Maybe some Japanese stuff but I’m not too sure.

As you can tell I’m terrible at this sort of thing so you can basically do what you want :slight_smile:

Don’t worry I will have them finished within the next 30 minutes :slight_smile:

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wow! Never had service like this before :joy:

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Okay I am done with all the splashes
Heres the music one:

The Instagram one:

And the Warning one:

Hope you like them! And Enjoy!


They are AMAZING!!!

I’ll definitely give you credit for these in the story. You exceeded my expectations one million percent.

Thanks so much!!!

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Aww you’re welcome! And can you give credit to my Instagram account @episode_afra instead of my choices name?

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Thank you! And tell me ur story name I’ll def check it out. It sounds cool!

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It’s called Tokyo Underground but it’s not Published yet. I’ll def. tell you when it is though.

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Hi my story is called “Super Moms”. It’s about a group of moms getting together to be the best moms possible and you get to see the experience from the different mom’s point of view. I would like a trigger warning that there are curse words in the story. Something like “Warning: This story uses curse words”. And maybe an end card where it says “Thanks for watching. To be continued”. If you could make them kinda childish that would be amazing! I would be happy to credit you :grin: though my story is not published yet.

PS: Love ur art btw


Glad you like my art! I will be happy to make these for you. Just give me some time and I’ll have them up. :grin:

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Hope you like the style and the comic bubbles that I used! Feel free to tell me if you don’t like something or if you want something changed
Warning One:

End Card/Outro:

Hope you like it and Enjoy!

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These are perfect thank you so much!:grin:

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Can you please do a splash for me
Title - Situations destined to fail!
Brief Description - Grace has a horrible past but she gets a once in a lifetime chance
Can I have funny ones with the character?
Also it is in limelight
Her Description - Light Skin , Long Blonde hair (Light) and green eyes
Can I have a music one , mature one and thanks for reading one ? Thanks

Of course I’ll make it happen! Can I have a screenshot of the character so I can make her?


Thank you! I’ll get ur splashes up today or tommorow. :slight_smile:

Okay Thank you so much x

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One more thing. What is the theme you want the splash to be? And what colors? Also include brief details like if you want it grim and dark, glittery and pink etc.