Awesome Splashes! (closed temporarily!)

Of course I’ll make it happen! Can I have a screenshot of the character so I can make her?


Thank you! I’ll get ur splashes up today or tommorow. :slight_smile:

Okay Thank you so much x

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One more thing. What is the theme you want the splash to be? And what colors? Also include brief details like if you want it grim and dark, glittery and pink etc.

Okay Can the music one be light and funny so pink and glittery and the rest to be dark and grim. x

Hey! I finished your splashes and I made them before you posted this comment. I will include the splashes I made down below and if you want I can redo them. So here they are:

Music Splash:

Warning Splash:

Outro Splash:

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I need the girl with the bob on the ground knocked out
And the girl with the long straight hair to be worried and afraid THANK YOU

I need a couple other questions answered. Do you need any text on the page and if so what? What should the theme of the background be? And can you specify particular colors?

A modern living room background and the text can say end of episode thanks for reading!

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hello there!

My story: Death Letters

I will be needing 3 splashes if that is okay?

The first one would be a This story uses Music and Sounds (Larger text) So turn your volume up for the best experience possible (smaller text). (Mood is dark\gloomy\mystery) A dark woods background would be nice. anything kinda scary

The second one Is for Instagram. My Instagram is Triscacat_ (I don’t want anything girly. Maybe it can be the same background as the sound)

The third is This story contains Mature themes and strong language. (Larger text) if you are easily triggered by talks of depression, suicide, and murder. I strongly suggest you leave now.(smaller text at the bottom) Reader discretion is advised style splash. (Dark and gloomy as well)

I would like your name credited in each one as well! as if you are making them for me you should be credited in some way.

story description: Madison finds a letter addressed to her, but that letter wasn’t just for her. Others have the same letter and one of her closest friends are responsible. What if it told you it was going to tell the world your deepest secret?

Additional info: All of the letters carry dark secrets that break trust and the story involves death.

I would like the overall theme of the artwork to be dark and gloomy.

Of course I’ll have this done as soon as possible.

Awesome thank you! :blush:

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Can you send me a picture of the girl with the bob knocked out because there is no way I could get a screenshot of it on the computer. So if you want her knocked out I would appreciate it if you could get me a screenshot.

I need two splashes if thats’s okay! Sorry!

The title is: The Next Big Star
Description: A girl wants to get into LA and become a music star but she has to go through competition, friendships and romance.

I’m looking for: a “this story uses sound” and a "warning this story contains mature themes and strong language. Thanks so much!!!

Thank you . Its fine honestly. It looks amazing!!

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Hey! I finished your outro splash. Here it is:

If you want any changes please inform me. :slight_smile:

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Hi, can I have 2 splashes that say Chapter 1 and Make sure to turn up your volume this story has sound?

Hey! I saw that you requested splashes from another thread also. I will make your splashes but I don’t want to spend a large amount making them only for you not to use them. If you make ur decision I’m always open.

Hi! Yes I did request a splash from another thread I have to delete that one though but I would still like you to make one for me if you don’t mind

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