So I made this page for help so of course, I’m making a story and I need help lol

But I need help with a life background story for one of my characters or prompts of a background story so here are LITTLE details about the character…

He is the Son of Satan and is part human and part demon. Lol and that all I can say for the moment because my brain is literally frozen so I need some backgrounds prompts or stories
Lmaooo I have nothing for this character but I love him!

What I am looking for is a problematic past nothing cliche because I want something new.

And for a disclaimer, I do not want people to feel anyway or think a problematic past is something to empathize after all it is sort of a fantasy story

Anyways please drop below anything if you have something in mind :blush:

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I’m sorry I had to laugh


Is it more than one genre?

Is there another main character?

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Uhm maybe his father abandoned him when he needed him most, and when having to pick his son over power, the father chose power and completely disregarded his son’s feeling. :joy: dunno but u can try building up from there.



Does his son get revenge?

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:joy: :joy:
The genre is mainly comedy, mystery, romance, drama

And there is another main character it’s a girl her background is that she killed her father when she was younger but is still alive and is after them ever since and during that time she meets him the MC (demon) and later on brake up and become exes that hate each other but have to rekindle with each other because both have to work together

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That sounds really good I like that @episodemichi I feel like he should



She killed her dad? Or someone killed her dad?

So if someone killed her dad, it should be the MC’s father.

:skull:idk does he-?

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huh? Lol

:joy: :rofl:


The MC herself killed- well attempted to kill her father but HE recovered and is after her and her mother but the MC and mother didn’t know that he is still alive

I hope you get what I mean.

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No I’m sorry

The Mc tried to killed her father, but couldn’t. He recovered and he is now after her and her mother but the mc and the mother didn’t know.

My dumbass couldn’t get it the first time

lol its okay I thought I said something wrong making myself look like a dumb-ass I was trying to find another way to explain it

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No I couldn’t see it clearly lol

Do you need anything else?

You could try giving him a problematic past without daddy issues?

Maybe like because he’s half human, he neither feels as if he belongs with the humans nor the demons. So he’s done things against the humans to try and fit in more with the demons or he’s done things against the demons so he could fit in more amongst the humans.