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Hey there! My name is Ellie Rose! <3 I’m an aspiring artist who can do basic splashes! If anyone would like a splash, message me on this thread! I can be pretty quick when making splashes as well! I’m going to upload some examples! <3


  1. If I make you a splash you cannot say that you made it yourself.
  2. Don’t be impatient, please!
  3. Don’t be afraid to tell me you don’t like it! :slight_smile:
  4. Don’t spam!
  5. Credit me!
Waiting List

Currently Empty!

Make sure your requests are specific, I’m pretty sure you already know that though :joy:

I declare this shop: OPEN!



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This isn’t a request but wanna do a collaboration? :smiley:

Sure! <3

Hi are you able to make me a splash. Here are the details:

Character 1

Skin-Copper 07
Brow-Arched Natural-Dark Brown
Hair-Long Braided-Dark Brown
Eyes-Deepset Downturned-Hazel
Face-Heart Soft
Nose-Round Flared Upturned
Lips-Full Heart Pouty
This is her

And this is her outfit:

Character 2

This is the other character:

And this is her outfit:




Character 1 : flirt_wink_atcamera
Character 2: kiss_blow_happy_atcamera


Can the splash say " End Of Chapter"

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Just wanted to come by and say, LOVING THE ARTWORK !! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :llama:

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@Aoibhe they are two versions!



I actually finished it yesterday but episode forums was playing up.

Guys here’s something I just wanted to share because of everything that’s happening in the world!


Your welcome! <3