Baby bundle color


Hi everyone,
i’m new here and I have a look at baby animation topics, and I have 2 questions:
I do not understand how to have different colors. I only have blue in the column props, how to do?


How to use the “BABIES SWADDLES” in overplays section?
if you have “codes” as an example I’m interested!

thank you in advance for your attention.
and I apologize if these questions have been asked, I have been an episode as AUTHOR for 2 days and sometimes it’s a bit complicated …


You can write:
@add Blue Baby Bundle to CHARACTER


Thank you Stella for your answer :smiley:

I know how to use the props Blue Baby Bundle, My question is how use the other color like those present in overplays (Pink, green, black, etc…)


You can use the five colors of bundle in the props:
(If you want to use it has an overlay you have to remember that if you move the character the bundle will remain where you put it, so move the character and the bundle at the same time


Ah OK ! Since he only scored blue, I thought there was only this one!
So those in the overplays are just “decorations”?

thank you very much for your help!


On the side of the writing portal, there is a list of props you can click on to add them without having to memorize them.


You can use them as a decorations but some people prefer to use overlay than props , so they take the overlay and move it where they want it…

Like if it’s a fantasy story and they want to make it seems like it’s flying they just move the overlay up

(Sorry if I’m confusing you​:sweat_smile::joy:)


it’s okay Stella, I hold on ! :joy:

Thank you to both of you ! :kissing_heart:


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