Baby prop Problems

I’m working on a story that includes the baby props in ink, but I can’t get the prop to work, the Action is working, but not the prop. can anyone help me?


Did u use command:

Did you use the command @add PROP to CHARACTER?
Eg. @add Red Cup to AMY

(I’m aware that’s basically what the above comment said , oops)

yes, it didn’t work.

It may be a glitch then. Just to make sure can you paste the part of your script?

all the videos said to do this. it did not work.

You wrote first letter of “add” in caps!
That’s your error.
all small!

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Thanks! It worked! :grinning:

it does not always show in previewer but it shows up on the phone. I hope that is all it is for you. Good luck. I see you fixed happy to hear someone was able to help.

Hey my prop is not working properly
@add baseball bat to JULIA

Hey can you help me? … Capture

I want to add a prop to julia but somehow it dosn’t show up!


Ok. And how do you remove a prop?

Found it :blush:

@remove prop from CHARACTER

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