Baby Swaddle Props in Limelight



Hello, this is my first time writing something here but I had a question. Do any of you who write in Limelight have any glitches with some of the props (ex. the baby swaddles and the wooden baseball bat)? I had a character rocking a baby and I added the command @add Baby Swaddle Footprint Blanket to ERICA. However, it doesn’t show her holding the baby at all and I added the baseball bat prop to another one of my characters and it still didn’t show it.
Am I doing something wrong or is it a glitch? Can someone help me please and thank you.


I’m pretty sure it’s a glitch. I write LL and I haven’t come across it yet. I’d submit a support ticket if I were you.


Like @Caticorn said submit a ticket, the link is in that topic