Back and Better

Hey there, I hope I put this in the right section…

It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten back on here. But I’m back and definitely in a better position than I was before.
I believe it was a few months ago when I just out of the blue “disappeared” from the forums. And I deeply apologize to any user that I left hanging in role plays or for anyone that joined role plays of mine that I never got to carry out. I would tag everyone that I let down, but the list would probably be too long.
Anyways, I am glad to say that I will start to be active again on my forums account! It will be little by little, just so that I can get the feel of the forums.
As for the reason of my former departue from the forums, it’s something that I’d like to keep private.
But anyways, I hope that the forums is still the magical place I once found it to be!


I don’t know you but welcome back! :blob_hearts::heart:


I don’t know you either but welcome back love :two_hearts: Glad everything is well now :purple_heart:

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