"Back and Forth" endless loop?


I was so excited when Back and Forth by earlgreytea came out, and I read the trial version. As soon as new episodes came out, I was stuck on an endless loop of “thanks for reading, this is a trial version of the story…” and so on. Is there any way I can fix this?
(I’m On IOS, have tried deleting the app and re-installing, and I’m running out of ideas)
If anyone else has solved this problem would you be willing to help me? Thanks! :joy: :smile:


Hello @montqnq, sorry to hear about your issue. Go ahead and submit a ticket to the support team. There have been multiple bugs with Back and Forth and we’re looking into getting them fixed. Thanks! :smiley:


Have you tried going into the story and pressing the three dots at the bottom right and then clicking replay


Thanks so much! Had no idea it was this simple! :joy:


Happy to help