“Back and Forth” Problem

So by far, my favorite story is “Back and Forth” and they came out with new episodes for it. So i went on episodes and clicked on the story, and it made me restart the entire story. I don’t know if it’s my app or something. Is this happening to anyone else?


The author has made a sequel. You might have tapped the sequel. Otherwise you probably tapped a re-read button. Tho it would ask if you want to re-read the story, so I doubt you did.

So ya, I’m guessing you thought the sequel was the original :blush:

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I went to my favorites and tapped on it and it just replayed the entire story

Had you perhaps earlier pressed the re-read button?

I haven’t been on episode all day until a few hours ago and they hadn’t made a new episode in a few days so i don’t think i did

It can do that even months before

i mean i went to the replay and there’s nothing that says episode 9 it only says episode one. i think i’m just gonna restart the episodes and see if it does it again :slight_smile:

The author deleted the old version of B&F, which you may have played.
The new version came out 2 weeks ago.

Oh she deleted the old one? I didn’t know that

Thought it was just a sequel

It’s a re-make.

Mhm, that’s the one I’ve been talking about. Just called it a sequel is all

I was reading the sequel not the old one

Oooh. Well, it might be something random. I really can’t figure it out. Sorry

WOAH. It just happened to me too!
@Jeremy I clicked on “Start episode 8” of Back and Forth and it started right at the beginning of the Pilot!


Hmm. Maybe it’s a problem with the app?

Heard there were glitches and stuff, but haven’t actually been reading in a while

it won’t let me read the next chapter for it starts with a bra so yeah it is probably the app.

It currently happened to me on Episode 8 too :frowning: … Idk what to do

I just tapped through the episodes to get back to where I was. Annoying, but at least I got the chance to try different choices.