“Back and Forth” story reset to chapter 1 (Updated)


I was on the latest chapter of this story for a while now. New chapters got released and after watching ads I was back on chapter 1. I didn’t do a story replay and the other stories that updated for me didn’t have this problem. Did this happen to anyone else? :frowning:

Update: This issue has now been fixed for me. I sent a ticket in. Once I did, I was told to close the app and reopen it. After, I clicked on the story and I was back to where I was.

Does anyone know how to do REALISTIC art?

That happened to me too!!


Same with me.


Same :weary: and I was on episode 7… and started with a bra too


Omg this happened to me too!! I was really confused and I’m really disappointed because I wanted to see the next chapter. And I’ve spent stuff on the story!


Same, But I Sent A Support Ticket :weary:


Same thing is happening to me!!!


The author said on Instagram that it’s a bug and to send support tickets to Episode. Also, the episode team is working on it.


Thank you very much! :grin:


How will I send a ticket to espisode team?


This happened to my sister as well. This sucks :confused:


I went to the settings on the app and clicked on “contact support” to send a ticket regarding this issue. Hope this helps.


What is the author’s Instagram?


Is it me, or something weird is happening to the Episode team no hate intended it just seems a little less organised.


earlygrey.stories :slight_smile:


This issue has been fixed me guys. Just send a ticket in if you haven’t already.