Back far center?

Hey guys!
I’m new at figuring out how to make episodes and I’m trying to get a character to enter and stand at back far center right, I can get my characters to enter from right to back far right (enters from right to back far right) but I’m having a really hard time figuring out how to make them stand in another position at the back?

Thanks in advance!

Here are all the possible default back positions:

@CHARACTER stands back right
@CHARACTER stands back far right
@CHARACTER stands back far left
@CHARACTER stands back left


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You can also spot direct them and make them enter by:

@CHAR enters from left to 1.000 626 52

you’re so helpful! thankyou! do you know how to make a character exist from far back? i keep trying to get a character to exist from where she is up the back but she just walks up through the screen

Assuming I understood you correctly, if you want a character to already be standing at a spot and not enter from either side of the screen, then you just say:

@CHARACTER stands back right

If you meant something else, just let me know :slight_smile: .