BACK & FORTH new version

I’ve been on Episode for quite long, and I’ve been through A LOT of stories but I think I can openly say that Back & Forth by earlgreytea was the best I’ve ever read
However, recently a new featured version of it was released and I just read the first chapter and I wanna know what you guys think of it ?


I love it something way better than it starts with a bra!


It sure is :blush:

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You’re so right, I only read the first chapter and having to pay to go to that kiss & tell party or whatever (that never existed in the first place) pissed me off, I really recommend you read the original version it is so much better cause I honestly felt like the new version lacked the sense of humor that was the main thing that got me hooked to it along with the great directing and the amazing plot :pensive:
And the scene where they bumped into each other and he invited her to the party was insanely cliché and it made me sad because the story used to be kinda unique whatsoever


Thank you for participating in this conversation :heart::heart:

hmmm weird I have the original in my favorites still and i can read it


I think she means she can’t fully read it because it’s like 25 chapters and waiting for the passes is really sickening

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Actually, I still have it in my favorites… weird

I find the the original of every featured story tends to be way better. This one was no different. I read one chapter of the featured version and immediately returned to the original.


Have you guys also lost the original version ?

Yep, we all did

Lost? You can’t find it on the app anymore?

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I can but @Elle-J can’t and I was wondering if others also have the same issue

Oh man, it really isn’t on her profile. That’s weird. I don’t think anyone can access it now, but I have the original in my favorites so I am able to still read it.

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Same. I still have the original and after reading this I’m going to hold on to the original forever


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I’m happy for you, it sure is worth it :blush:

Is the old ver of Back and Forth still published in Episode? Thanks!

I have it in my favorites still, but people say it doesn’t come up if you search for it

Yup just tried searching for it and all I can get is the new one, which I just finished. Thanks tho!

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