Back-ground as overlay

hi…! I want too do looping backgrounds but I need help adjusting my back-ground as overlay in the right size.

this is the background I want too use. but I don’t know any good app too make the right size so can someone plz help me :hearts: …!

It’s already to size, just pick a speed/code from the website down below for how fast you want it to loop

Oh :open_mouth: but why on website it says this
If you haven’t figured by now, to loop your own background you have to upload the background as an overlay and animate the overlay.

and then says * Change LOOP_OVERLAY to your own overlay’s name in all capitals:

  1. Highlight only LOOP_OVERLAY in your script. DO NOT highlight LOOP_OVERLAY_2

The picture I sent is the size of the overlay you need to loop the background, you just have to upload it and follow the steps
If you need help let me know:)

I used the code not too long ago on my own story, I had to basically do trail and error to see if it would work and it did

I am really sorry but I still don’t gets.:pensive: can you plz help me :yellow_heart:

What’s the overlay name you’re using? And speed you liked from that website

Hi sorry. I dont have overlay yet cuz I thought I need the same overlay as the background

Hey, so I’ve gathered that you need to resize a background and are trying to follow Dara’s looping guide?

So, right below this on the website she says why you have to: Her code is for looping" 3-zone backgrounds and the overlay image size must be 1183 (width) x 700 (length) in order for the templates down below to work correctly." << meaning, without following this instruction, her code will not look right with just any size overlay image.

So to resize is super simple and I can do that for you; but for future use, just open any photo editing software or website and select “scale” or “size” and change the current #s to the recommended size ( 1183 (WIDTH) x 700 (HEIGHT) .

This part is kinda critical so I will step-by-step with explanations:
1st “change LOOP_OVERLAY to your own overlay’s name in all capitals: " THIS is because most people will name their overlays according to the randomness of the human mind. For example there’s a looping forest background that Episode gave that DOESNT LOOP ITSELF. So, I used Dara’s guide and uploaded the overlay as " FOREST_LOOP”. Someone else might’ve named it “EPISODE_NEEDS_AN_OVERHAUL” :woman_shrugging:
^^that’s why she put that in. Because if you didn’t name it “LOOP_OVERLAY” the system will read and throw Errors in the portal (( ie: NAME doesn’t exist. Check the spelling or refresh portal)).

Highlight only LOOP_OVERLAY in your script. DO NOT highlight LOOP_OVERLAY_2
^^^ This is crucial for the looping code to work!

Using “CTRL”+ H you can type in “LOOP_OVERLAY” into the search box that comes up and the system will read through your script and find any mention of the word “LOOP_OVERLAY” ((important note: ALL "LOOP_OVERLAY"s in this explanation are synonymous with “Whatever name you’ve given the overlay” )).

Once it does, on the lower left corner of the box are two clickable buttons one says “replace” the other “all”.
DO NOT TAP “ALL”! The code Dara uses to loop creates a double of the original image to loop back around SO we don’t want to get rid of it. **simply click “replace” and read each replaceable set ((Ctrl + H highlights)) with attention because the 2nd overlay 'LOOP_OVERLAY_2" doesn’t need fixing.

Once you follow the steps and replace just “LOOP_OVERLAY” you’ll be able to preview :slight_smile:

Yes me understand this part!:grin:

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I tried to do that but no work

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Oki so me understand I think everything you explain too me and thenk you. But I am really having issues making my back-ground as overlay

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EDIT: Don’t upload this yet. They saved it in “jpeg” and it needs to be in “.png” format. Give me two seconds and I’ll reupload that image :slight_smile:

^^thought I read you wanted the tree? So I made that, too :woman_shrugging:

So I just want too understand I would have too upload the pic you give me as overlay? And is it okay if I don’t have the tree but I have the tree alone :sweat_smile:

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The regular sized tree is in the given overlays section-- but yes, you can have that tree if you want it. I just quick cut it so it’s not as clean as I usually do. lol
Yes, you’re understanding correctly.
Go to your Art Catalog’s overlay section, click upload and select the overlay of the background I re-formatted and name it :slight_smile: Then you’ll use that name you give it to replace “LOOP_OVERLAY” only in the code you get from Dara’s site :slight_smile:

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Oki! Me will try and let you know :yellow_heart:

hi again…! I tried to save the pic you give me and upload it as overlay but it won’t let me :{

It probably saved that way since I was doing it on my phone at the time :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Can you screenshot where you’re uploading so I can see why it’s not letting you (there should be red text beside the upload box that says things like “file size too large, 1MB limit” or something to that affect.

We will help you figure it out :slight_smile:

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