Back screen running exit?

Hey guys, I’m so sorry to keep bugging you with questions, I keep trying to figure it out myself/with tutorials but I can’t find much help on this one.
I have my character standing at the back of the screen and am using “@NATALIE walk to spot 0.840 349 223 in 1” to make her exit, and she does full exit she’s just walking, but I’m trying to figure out what coding I use to make her run out? I’ve tried the normal one like you would when entering the screen say run_athletic, but for some reason it doesn’t work?


You can try this:

@NATALIE walks to spot 0.840 349 223 in 1 AND NATALIE does it while run_athletic

Hope this helps you and don’t feel bad about asking too many times. There are people here who would love to help you. :slight_smile:

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You can either add

“and CHARACTER does it while run_athletic”

after your walking command in the same line.

Or write:

@NATALIE runs to spot 0.840 349 223 in 1

that also works.

(before someone say “and” doesn’t work unless it’s capital, it does)

i can’t thank you enough, thank you for helping, it means heaps xx

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thank you so much, i really appreciate it! you’re an angel xx

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You’re welcome! And thx haha :angel: