Back To School Contest!

Hey guys. So I am making a back to school cover contest. You have to design a picture( cover, splash, drawing, outline) that seems like it is back to school or has to do something with school. It can be anything. Be creative!

How will my art be accepted?

  1. You’ll know it has been accepted when I tell you it has (@Gabi.Stories)

Who will be judging my art?

  1. @Gabi.Stories
  2. @bossyroxy411
  3. @maddy_roleplayz

Feel free to send us your art by replying to this topic or PMing me.

August 20, 2018

We can’t wait to see your amazing art and please make sure you keep a sense of respect towards everyone!
Will post the winners on August 21!


I’ll join!

I might join

Maybe I’ll join too.

I’ll join!

Here’s my entry!

(If you click on it it’s better quality)

Great! We just need to have a lot of entries so that way we can judge!

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