Back with another rant


Sorry if I am ranting on the Episode forums but here’s another thing I really want to talk about and I don’t know if you can relate. Just a reminder that I’m not talking about all tomboys since there are tomboys I know who are extremely hateful. You know, they like to throw other girls under the bus for embracing their femininity and conflate being feminine with “sluttiness” which is absolute nonsense. Especially when they say such nonsense like “you can’t be a girly girl and like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”.


You know there’s a place to rant? :sweat_smile:


LOOOL not sure if it’s private


It’s not :slightly_smiling_face: anyone can rant there


Oh okies


I’m confused, what do you mean?


Basically they like to throw girly girls under the bus for liking girly clothing, makeup & high heels and act like how they’re better than them. Especially when they conflate femininity with sluttiness which is absolutely nonsense.


Are you talking about every single tomboy?



Thanks to @leslie.creates for the link to the rant thread. Closing this one. Thanks all! :smiley: