Backgroud And Genre

Does the background has to go with the theme and genre of the story?

Hi! I was just wondering about the backgrounds used in stories and the genre of the story. Are they tied together? If it is a mystery or thriller are there certain things put into the background to fit the genre. Like: Certain lightings, items, the way the room is designed, colors?

I have an idea for a story and want to create my own backgrounds but I’m having trouble with whether or not the way I design my backgrounds fit the genre my idea is set in. It would be a mystery/thriller.

General idea: Singer in the 1920s wakes up in the modern-day world as a famous singer after being killed by their jealous sibling. After finding out how their death was covered up as a “tragic accident” they begin to murder their fans using a “Special Meet and Greet.” One day, (You) get surprised with “Special Meet and Greet” tickets and go to your favorite idol’s concert only to play a game of life or death.

I planned out the backgrounds of the characters and their families and friends, and what would happen in each story, and where and how. Now I need to make the backgrounds.

I haven’t created anything yet mainly because I want to make sure I have everything before actually creating backgrounds and characters and writing and scripting the story.

Sorry for any unnecessary information! Also, thanks too anyone who replies!

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