Background and Cover Approval : Slow



Does anyone know why my background and cover are taking soooo long to be reviewed.


Yes, I noticed this too. I was waiting 8 days… when usually it was 3-5 days. Once, while I was uploading them, they were approved straight away.


I know it will sound awkward, but usually I upload my overlays and backgrounds during Thursdays and Fridays, bc they get approved faster, once it happened to get approved for some hours :joy::joy::joy::joy: But yeah, I agree that they take long to get approved


I have the same problem and mine hasn’t gotten approved in like 2 months… So, would I get an email? Or how would you know they were done?


3 to 4 days for me but these ones are taking longer may people are on holiday


You should send a support ticket HERE, it’s definitely too long.


No, its fine! I checked it today and they finally approved it. Thanks so much though! :slight_smile: