Background and Cover Artists?

Hey (again…)! I know I just made a topic, but I also wanted to ask about this and felt like it would be strange to combine the two topics!

So here I am! I was just wondering if anyone knew of artists that would either take requests or commissions? I feel like every artist I find has closed commissions or cost literally hundreds of dollars for a single person (which I can’t be upset, they’re very talented! I’m just also on a budget, haha). I have a story though that I want to try and release sometime this year (preferably within a few months) but I need a cover (I have zero visually artistic talent) and backgrounds.
The backgrounds would be mainly towns where there are canals/rivers running throughout with boats and all sorts of greenery. But of course Episode doesn’t have backgrounds like that + I can’t find any that necessarily fit!

So long story short, I was just wondering if anyone knew of any artists that could possibly help with either problem? I’m definitely fine with commissioning-- I don’t expect just free art (:

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Hi I’m a commissioned artist! I can probably help w the cover at least if you dig my style! Check out my DeviantArt for exemples and commission prices (digitalelle). Pm if you’re interested <33

I take commissions, you can check out my Instagram, @cheyara_episode58 to see some of my examples of my work and send me a DM, if you would like further information.
Also @fcukforcookies does commission art work too.
And if your story is fantasy inspired @MysteryMaker takes commissions too.


@Cheyara_Skadi and @EllasStorys
Thank you so much!! I’ll definitely check all of y’all out (:


@Daunt for my commission info and art samples:
Opening cheap semi-realistic art commissions