Background and cover needed! Please help!


Title: Dark Desires
By ashleyabrucker
Main character- skin - light
eyebrows- suductive round
face- oval
eyes- Round Bold - Blue
mouth Blossom Lips- bubblegum pink
hair- fishtail braid- platinum blond
outfit- Moon Necklace, Pearl Bracelet, Light Pink Lace Vorset, Pink Pastel Pink Corset-Tied Skirt, Pink Delia Delight Heels, Pink Boho Feather Earrings
Male 1 -Skin- taupe
face- Chiseled Square
hair- Spiked Up Hair- Black
yeyes- Classic round- purple
mouth- smirk- taupe
nose- Button
outfit- black plain suit shirt and tie, lady rose tattoo, fancy victiorian pants, dress socks and shoes black
Male2- skin-light
face- square jaw
hair- generic short hair-blond
eyes-classic round- white
mouth-uneven -blush
outfit- police shirt, police pants, construction worker boots,rectangular thin glasses

I would like you to decide, but something that shows both men want main character.Something that goes with the title, and stands out.

For the background, I need a club ext, like a waiting line or something, both day and night.


When do you need it?


I’m in no rush for it.I’m very patient


I would love to help just need a few days since Im on vacation until sunday night :slightly_smiling_face:


Okay, thank you so much!


Can I have a little info on the story so I can figurr a good background for the cover


the main character’s fiance leaves her for five years, she ends up buying her own bar to fill the void, and then she meets a sweet police officer, and once she’s “over” her ex, he shows back up wanting her back.
Most of the characters are costomizable and named by the reader. Sorry for the mispelling. lol. and the bad discription


One is a cop, like i said, and the ex is a gangster


So, can I make a small cover you? She can make the large cover. Only if you want. :woman_shrugging:t4:


ABSOLUTELY! That would be awesome!


@L.I.W.F just use the info above. Thank you again


No problem!


Here it is!
If use it remember to give me credit on Instagram. @mother_of_the_elements


It’s wonderful, thank you!