Background and overlay creator for my story

Hello guys,

I am looking for someone who would be willing to help me with backgrounds or overlays from time to time. I have main artist that do all those stuff, but sometimes she is too busy and I need to code some scenes urgently. And ofc without certain overlay or background I can’t do it. So I need someone who would stand in when she won’t be able. And I am looking for someone more experienced who can do it in good quality. Right now I am revamping my story and I did all previous backgrounds and overlays by myself but it was shi**y quality ofc :laughing: that is why I am revamping everything. Usually it works like this: I find some background and usually I need to change the size for example but we always disscuss if changing the size won’t affect the quality in a negative way, If yes we will look for different. Ideal option is ofc if it won’t affect the quality, so she can dothe changes. That is the reason I need someone who works in good programs. Otherwise I can change the size normally too on some website or in my low quality program. But that is not usefull for me. And then from the picked background sometimes I need the creator to create some overlays for me. Those are more easy stuff. Then the more advanced are that sometimes I need to change some things with backgrounds, like color change of some stuff or take away some stuff or put there some other stuff. Things like that in general. The artist will get credit ofc and we can make a deal on some reasonable reward. If someone will be interested don’t hesistate to contact me, thank you :heart:

BTW: My story is Sinful Innocence if you would want to know the details
Sinful Innocence


I may be able to help just dm me on Instagram ( @mk._creates ) or here.

Some info about me:

I am a freelancer based in Greece that is almost all day about her ipad and works on procreate which is a professional program, creating a few overlays and stuff won’t be a problem for me. If you would like to speak with me contact me!:two_hearts:

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Thank you so much for your offer. I might certainly use your help in the future :hearts: