Background and overlay help (credit will be given)

-can someone make me an overlay of the bed sheet

-also, can someone please make me a birds eye view of the bed and sheet

thank you, i will be giving credit! <3

I can do it

Is this okay? (I’m gonna make the overlay now)

yes thats amazing! :slight_smile:

These two are from itsjust.alessia

thank you, was wondering if you could also make an overlay of the bed sheets in the background so i can have my character sitting on the bed under the covers instead of a birds eye view if you get what im talking about


Just finished doing it.

this is amazing, how would you like to be credited?

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readerMessage overlay credit to @SimonaItaly.episode :slight_smile:

thank you so much hope you have an amazing day/night!

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Night ahaha, it is 11:40 pm

hah same :slight_smile: