bAcKgRoUnD aNd OvErLaY hElP

Hi! I’ve tried using backgrounds from @shara.stories on instagram, and everytime i do, it errors in my story. screenshots are attached. TIA- Teigan. x

Now, I cant see it properly but that error on the last line needs to be fixed.

U only need 1 @. there was a duplicate of @. So u need to remove one.

@BELLA stands screen right

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sorry! im always putting things in the wrong category hah!

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okay, thank u!

see if it works

do u mean to remove the @ in front of the @transition fade out black ?

Your background needs to be CAPITALIZED.

@BELLA stands screen right

i’ve tried it multiple times, and if it’s capitalised or not, it still errors :((

If it shows an error again. Take off that background u use, then upload it again and change the name. You need to add (DAY or NIGHT) next to it. Try it and see if it works.


it will not show up in error, once your background is CAPTIALIZED. Look at the other backgrounds, and you will see the difference.

I have, I’ll attach another screenshot

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Disapperance is spelled wrong lol. So, ill just help u out with that as well.

Correction: Disappearance

I changed the name and added DAY/NIGHT. neither has worked :///

oh lol thank u

Is your background approved?

lol and make sure your background is showing the zone # your character is going to be in.