bAcKgRoUnD aNd OvErLaY hElP

Example: @cut to zone #

I think you spelled your background name wrong. Is it PEDDED or PADDED?


it’s padded, but someone else told me to try and switch up the name

Do it, if it was the problem, then thats solved i guess. Just to make sure lol


I’ve retried everything :woman_facepalming:t3:

check and see if your background is approved. hm… then copy and paste the name back to your script then refresh hm…

what do u mean approved, sorry? I’m kinda new to the whole writing thingie

Check the art catalog to see what you actually named it. It could be that you named it just INT. PADDED ROOM but you’re adding DAY/NIGHT when you shouldn’t.

it’s @shara.stories ‘ background on instagram

Did you upload the background?

im confused

You need to upload that background. You can’t just take the name from someone online if that background isn’t even uploaded.

sorry if I come off dumb, haha, but what do u mean by “upload the background” jakaksks

When you are uploading a image to your background account. You will see if the image is approve or rejected.

Approve meaning is can be used.(shoes approved with green line)

Rejected meaning it cant be used. (have a red line to it)

once u get there, go to backgrounds, then go you upload to background account. @episode.Teigan

But @Dara.Amarie has everything u need to know. So, just look at her thread

thank u both so much!


np. If u have any questions, u can ask @Dara.Amarie

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