Background and Overlay help?

Hi everyone, I am looking for someone to help me create a couple of backgrounds and overlays. It’s for a story where the only form of transport between worlds is through doors (I got that idea for travel from a movie called Twitches but the story will be different obvs). Anyway, I was wondering if someone could help me create a few things. What I want is an overlay background for the opposite wall of the Juvie Bedroom. I’d like it to have a white wooden door in the middle and on one side for it to have a white wooden armoire like the one below and then on the other side for it to have a small wooden chest. I have edited a picture of the Juvie room to indicate what I mean:

  1. The blue arrow indicates the direction of the wall I mean.

  2. The Red arrow indicates that I will be having the character walk directly down to get to this opposite wall.

  3. The Yellow circle indicates that I’d like the wall to be the same colour as the others.

  4. The orange circles indicate that I’d like the armoire to be the same colour as the vanity and side tables.

  5. The pink circle indicates that I’d like the chest to be the same colour as the cabinet.

Also, I’d really like a photo frame of the Dupres Castle to hang above the chest.

If you or someone you know can help me out it would be very much appreciated.
Thank you :slight_smile: xx


I’m sorry I can’t personally help u but maybe try seeing if someone is offering their services. Try looking at the art section of the forum or on Instagram.

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I can help! I’m currently working on a background for someone else but I can work on this once I’m done, which won’t be long.

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Could you? That would be amazing! I hope you can understand my list of what I’d like, I know its a bit long :smiley:

I made a quick sketch - is this kind of what you’re going for, placement-wise?


Yes this is what i was thinking, and can you make it as an overlay as well as a background so that i can put a different background the otherside of the door for when she travels to the other world?


Sure. By overlay do you mean removing the door so it’s open and transparent in the doorframe?

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Yeah, I want it so I can put another background behind it. Sorry, I’ve been writing for a while, but the terminology still escapes me :smiley:

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