BACKGROUND/APP: Personal backgrounds

I’d love to be able to use my own backgrounds while writing on a tablet or phone (in the app). In the Writers Portal it is possible use backgrounds from other places than Episode, and it is really annoying to not have the background I need for a scene.


You can upload your own backgrounds on the but not on the mobile creater :smile:

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I agree

Who help me to create a background … dressing room

Actually, you can upload your personal backgrounds through the art category on your phone. Go to the episode website on Safari or Chrome or the internet on your apple or android phone and go to the art category. Tap on the “Backgrounds: Available for all storys” and change it to “Backgrounds: Uploaded to YOUR account.”
Your section should pop up and a blue “UPLOAD” button would be there so you can upload your own backgrounds.

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Sorry for bumping in but… Can we transfer images from chrome to use as backgrounds?
I’m searching only for free images… :thinking:

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Yes, but you must make sure it fits the required size. One panel is 640x1136, two panel is 1280x1136, and three panel is 1920x1136. Resizing websites are easy to be found on google or you can ask friends or artists on Episode to do it for you.


Thank you so much!! :hugs:

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You can do that but it wouldn’t work in the mobile creator. The mobile creator has been removed though.