Background Approval... meanwhile


I’ve been waiting for my backgrounds to approve for a week now, and it’s taking forever. I can’t continue to write my story unless my overlays and backgrounds have been approved. What do I do meanwhile? Any suggestions.


You can continue to write your story, you just have to wait to publish it.


Yeah, you can still use the overlays and backgrounds, whether they are approved or not. You just can’t publish until they are approved :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t write my story either when i have the backgrounds that I am going to use because I don’t know whether they will really get approved or not…
And I don’t want my hard work to go in vain if they don’t approve it…

But yeah you can write your story just can’t publish it until your backgrounds aren’t approved…


Perhaps continuing to work on the story itself and if the cover art doesn’t get approved just ask the review team what needs to be changed and make the appropriate changes? :thinking::innocent:


Thanks for the suggestion going to send an email soon…


Happy to help. Sure it will turn out great in the end :smiley:


Hope so…:blush::blush:


Yeah I was wondering same, I’ve had mine approved in a matter of minutes but lately it’s been forever, I am almost ready to publish but can’t until they are approved


you have to stay calm…your backgrounds are approved in sometime


Yes. It’s been a very bad couple of weeks for background/overlay approvals (They were probably so busy last week with the contest.) . My overlays I submitted on the 7th just got approved today. I’m still waiting on a background that I want to say I submitted on the 6th ( if anyone was wondering a timeline.) They normally are pretty consistent with the 72 hours rule but maybe folks are on vacation or something. I know sometimes they like beast mode it and approve like everything all at once. Crossing my fingers that will be the case sometime soon.


I’m the same, I’ve been waiting for close to a week too and yeah, it does get really frustrating, we just have to see it out :slight_smile:


Just quoting this as a reminder for the impatient :wink:

If it is taking a long time for them to get back to you 1+ week please PM me with the ticket number and I’ll see if I can do anything.