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Hello so I’m working on a story I had on pause for a long time now because I have been in a state were I haven’t really wanted to do anything. And is it just me or has episode been approving background and overlays so quick like a hour after you upload. So anyways thanks episode.


I agree I don’t know what’s going on with the episode team but I would upload a background and 5 min later it gets approved!


Yes! I just finished creating some overlays and uploaded them like 5 minutes ago, and now they’re approved

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It’s been so weird. There are times where it takes them a full 2 weeks for mine to get approved. Then yeah the past few days they’ve been super fast. Not that I’m complaining about it but it’s been so weird. Might be because the contest it’s almost done. Who knows

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Usually it’s around contest deadlines that they approve stuff a lot faster :grin: In case any of the contestants needed to change something last minute.

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