Background approval

Hey so I am a new writer on this platform and I have a lot of ideas and all but I’ve heard that background and overlay approval takes a lot of time and it kind of takes me back. Could any of you tell me more or less how many time did it take for your own background/overlays to be approved recently?

Mine usually takes a few days a week at most :relaxed:

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The approvals were a problem just for a while, but right now everything’s fine. Yesterday I uploaded a lot of backgrounds and overlays, and when I woke up this morning, they were approved. If you want the approval fast, then try to upload the backs and overlays during Thursdays and Fridays, it always works for me. Else, it takes a week the most.

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Well several of mine took 2 weeks and after I sent in a “rush notice” they had it reviewed in a few days then my newest ones were reviewed in about 2-3 days. Hope that helps! (It’s a wide range I think it’s because so many people upload backgrounds it depends):sweat_smile:

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Overlays were slower for me (I don’t know if it’s for everyone)

Okay thank you Meela! :blush:

Thanks to you too! :blush:

hiya! my backgrounds take around a week and a half to get approved, but sometimes it’s approved within 3-4 days. my overlays get approved within a day or two.

this is what i do; i would suggest planning out what you’re going to be needing for your upcoming chapters and then bulk uploading all your backgrounds/overlays at once so they should be ready by the time you want to write/publish a chapter :slight_smile:

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Good idea, thankss! :relaxed: