Background approvals today

Has anyone gotten any background approvals today? If so, when did you upload your backgrounds? I still need 3 left for my OV entry and I’m so devastated that they haven’t been approved in time. Several other people have gotten approvals today so I’m trying to figure out where they are regarding timeline.

Did you upload them before the deadline?! The deadline for approvals was the 14th.
I uploaded the last of mine literally on the 14th… and they approved them the same day.

I uploaded all 5 on the 15th at the same time. Only 2 have been approved so I figured that the others would follow??

Someone else uploaded their BGs yesterday and they’ve already been approved.

15th?! That could be the issue, because:

Usally they still approve bgs/ovs after the deadline for approvals as well.

I figured that was the problem but 2 that I uploaded on the 15th were approved.

Maybe so… but it’s still a risk to do that. Hence why they gave us an estimated deadline.

I know. Lol Still :woman_shrugging:t4:. @k6tty hopefully they will get approved. Keep fingers crossed and let us know.

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This is what I never understood. I’ve noticed that Episode like to approve overlays before backgrounds… and backgrounds before covers.

Like when I uploaded my cover [two weeks before some backgrounds and overlays] the backgrounds and overlays were approved first?! :upside_down_face: [This was during their slow month, bare in mind.]

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I’m just scared that they somehow got skipped over or something. A few people entering were getting approvals two hours ago and uploaded around the same time as me.

I’d say submit a ticket… but those take a few days to get answered. Maybe ask Tory?! She might be online and maybe she could answer, instead.

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I sent one this morning but figured I wouldn’t get a reply.

It says Tory was last seen 5 hours ago so I’m sure that won’t work out either