Background art dump: Small Winter Town

Hey there, So I made some Backgrounds of an extremely small winter town for a clan of winter wolves in my story. I was just going to keep them for myself because idk what possible use anyone else would have for them but on the slight chance someone is just dying for backgrounds like these I decided to share. Episode doesn’t have many wintery backgrounds so maybe someone has use for them yet.


  • edits always allowed
  • If you edit and share you do not have to credit me
  • Under no circumstance are you to claim these are your own (especially for profit)

That being said help yourself.

Winter Backgrounds

Some images are just ones I edited some are originls. All are in the proper format and will be approved by episode Variation include: Night/Day and lights/no lights

Like this post if you like them or plan to use them in your story :slight_smile:


I can’t see them :frowning:

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holy christ 1 year later :cat_shocked:

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Sorry, I guess Episode messed up or something. I did these a long time ago so they aren’t the best quality, I reuploaded them just incase someone still wants them.


If used, how should someone credit you? :sparkling_heart:

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No credit necessary, It’s free to use! :+1:
Sorry, I forgot to correct that part of the post.


It’s so cute omds!

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