Background Art help please!

I tried to do this myself, but I suck at designing!
I’d really like someone to help guide or direct me, to put some posters in on INT. BLUE SCHOOL HALLWAY - DAY and INT. BLUE SCHOOL HALLWAY LOCKERS - DAY

And a rooftop background

Thank you

I could try!, (not going to promise it’ll work because I’m still practicing background edits :joy: )… Do you have the posters you want to add?

Thank you!! I don’t, I wasn’t sure how to do that to be honest, like that’s how bad I am :woman_facepalming: Shall I try that and then send them over?

Sure!, are you just looking to add posters to the bulletin boards to make it look more like an actual school. :thinking:

Yea exactly that! I’m not fussed about colour change (although that’s totally cool!), I have looked at others on here, however they’re only one of the pictures, I quite want the both, just so they match :hugs:

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