Background Art Help


Hello, I am curious about how in some stories writers create backgrounds but in their backgrounds, they have photos of their characters in frames posing. I would like to know how to produce this. Is it like an overlay? or an actual background?
I think it adds a nice touch to stories and would love to incorporate it into mine
Any help regards this is greatly appreciated


If you write on the computer (IDK if a labtop has it) but I always use Paint 3D for my covers and backgrounds.


you can get eksklusive baggrounds on instagram
there a ton of really pretty and cool baggrounds:grinning::grinning:


Thank you, its widely appreciated


youre welcome:grinning::grinning:


Ahhh yes I do write on my laptop and thank you so much
Really wanna change up a background to incorporate some art


she wasnt sending it to u


Thankyuou so much!!


Have you ever done something like adding photos into your backgrounds?




I dont know if you read it but there is a story called What’s on Sunday? By Nour Debian and she has a background where she used a photo of her characters (I’ll try to include a photo) I was wondering if you had done that seen as you used 3D Paint as I would like to make my own


Yes, usually episode approves anything you mske. just make sure it doesn’t have any brand on it, or just find the same color and color on it.


It can be done using Microsoft paint.
It’s really simple just select the area u need the photo and paste




Thankyou so much!!


No probs! Just yrying to help a community member out!


Appreciate it


If u face any problem doing that feel free to contact me. (I did that for my stories)


Yeah, me too


I have photos of my characters in a background:

I just posed them out and screenshotted, then added them on the background and uploaded the image.