Background Artist Suggestions?

Hello! I was wondering if anyone knows of any background artists and such? I need a few certain types of backgrounds for my upcoming fantasy story. And trust me, I’ve tried looking for pictures online to match what I’m looking for and just haven’t. So if you know anyone that could possibly help me out, please suggest them below? (:

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@lanafrazer_episode does amazing fantasy backgrounds. Not sure if she is taking request but I recommend her.


i cant take requests rn because my laptop is in repair shop. what kind of fantasy backgrounds are u looking for @Daunt and @amepisode has some fantasy backgrounds in her drive.


Yes I don’t take requests, but there are some fantasy backgrounds on my drive. Link is in my bio here or on Instagram x


thank you soso much!!

Alright! And just some that can work for guild sort of settings, as well as a streets with a Venice sort of vibe. I won’t go into great detail about it though. Thank you though!

Thank you so much! I’ll definitely look at them (and give proper credit if any are used)!