Background asap

can someone give me some background of girls bedrooms ? or any background that could help in the future :blush: i’d really appreciate it

yes wait

thank you !

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i can’t upload the second one ? why ?

idk let me send it again


Because it is too small, remember they have to have specific dimensions. The one panel must be 640x1136.

oh alright but i can’t find any other ones

If you have a smartphone, they have photo resizing apps. I’m sure they do on the computer, too. :smile:

make sure those background are public domain and are free to use.

alright thanks

oh yes i do have a phone , do you by any chance know the name of any app like this ?

I used to have one but I don’t remember the name. I just searched photo resize in the app store, they may even have one where you can edit AND resize it!

oh okay thanks