BACKGROUND: Background edit help please!

Hi everyone!

I’m looking for some help turning this background to a night version. I know episodes provides one with just the lamps on but I’m hoping to have one where is is dark outside the windows but it’s still pretty bright inside.

Thank you in advance for anyone’s help!

Do you still need help? I can try it

Yes please! That would be great!

Hope this could help!

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I’ve made one
incase u use ,u can credit using my instagram handle epii.jessica


and here’s the link to my drive … i’ve converted some more episode backgrounds and i’ve made some on my own
I hope it will come handy

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yesssss!!! Thank you so much!!! How would you like to be tagged for credit?

Thank you so much!!! This is great!!! I will give you credit for sure!!!

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Sorry for late reply! my ig would be fine, its @epi.puppgum :relieved:

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