BACKGROUND: Background edit

Hi! Would anyone be able to edit this background for me so that it’s not a city scene out the window? I’m hoping it can just be a wood/village view. (It’s in a royalty story)

Original Photo Credit to:
Creator: Tiffany-Quinn
Instagram: @tiffwrts
Twitter: @tiffwrts
Episode Stories: Across the Pond

Thank you in advance!

I can, but I won’t edit this one if I am editing it will be the original version

INT. THE ROYAL JAIL - NIGHT from the catalogue

also, do you have an idea for the background view

That would be fine! I just realized that it was from the Episodes collection (oops! I’m still new). I mainly just want it to be where the bars are either a wall with windows (or it can be full windows) and the outside view can be either overlooking a garden or trees (whatever is easier for you).
I really appreciate it!

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yeah but can you pick a background maybe look in the catalog and see if there is one you like

Could EXT. CITY GARDEN - DAY possibly work? I use that background in another one of my scenes?

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here you go

AMAZING!!! Thank you so much!!! Would you mind doing one more for me? I’m hoping to get this combination of Episode backgrounds but in a day version.

Also what would you like you credit tag to be in the story?

I dont remember who made this but I think she did add a day version to it.

On Episode Life I could only find the night version. (
Are there other places creators upload?

the background is by @dx.edts but I can see its no longer active,

though if you want some recommendation of background artist, find them on Instagram




Oh sugar! Would you be able to create the edit as a day version (for credit of course)? If not no worries; you have already helped so much!

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I can maybe later

Also its this two background you want put togheter?



Yes please! And no rush, please take your time!

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Hey, can I use this backgrounds in my story too please? I will credit you if you want.
Here’s the link to my drive …do check em out I hope it will come handy at some point
I keep adding new ones as I make em Nd I keep updating on Instagram on the releases :joy::two_hearts::two_hearts:
Credit me using my Instagram handle epii.jessica when u use my bgs

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