Background blurry

Hello guys, I’m having trouble making my background not blurry. When I have it on my story in normal zoom there is no blurriness but when you zoom in then you start seeing a hug decrease in sharpness instead it is very blurry. I’ve tried editing my background on GIMP by increasing my resolution and sharpness but it doesn’t make a difference in quality at all. I’ve read stories that had a blurry background when zoomed in on a chars face so I don’t know if this a problem that can be fixed. Please help me with any advice or tips, thanks!

Can I see the background?

Pretty sure it would be like that if you use zoom on your background.

If you have a high-resolution background (e.g., idk 3200 x 1400) and insist on having a clearer zoom on the background, perhaps you can crop out the image yourself that you would like to zoom at (but make it at least 640 x 1136).

By that, you can play around with switching backgrounds and character spotting.

I haven’t tried it, but it sounds feasible unless there are better options.