Background bus stop - day?


Hello, does anyone have bus stop background in day??Please help :slight_smile:


Hi! If you go to Episode Dreams official request thread, we can help you! And we are hosting a charity event, too! So each request = 1 meal for the less fortunate people in Downtown Chicago! Just click here! You don’t have to pay anything… free of charge!

Our group would be happy to help! :wink:


Do you have the picture in night I can change it to day


I only have this one,thank you so much for your time :smiley:


How is this?


Thank you so much for your time :smiley: but I will use another one from google images where you can see the day better, THANK YOU SO MUCH :blush:



Thank you so much,I am going to use this one. :smiley:


No problem. Please give me credit though!


Sure I will,thanks again


@shellyg hello, is this okay if I use it too and give you a credit?


Yes, that’s fine with me as well. Thank you for asking :slightly_smiling_face: