Background Character *Needed* INK


I need some background characters, I will be accepting the first 6, each character will talk, P. S if I need more it will be the maximum of 10 You can add boyfriend) girlfriend


Is this Ink or LL?




Okay! :slight_smile:


I filled out the form :smiley:


Thanks you are in


How many people do you need? I filled the form out just in case you still needed people. I have a friend that could do it to if you need?


I need 6 have 3 so far.


Ok. Can I fill out a form for my friend?


She can’t find this post


Cool! :smile:


Sure let me edit the forum for more than 1 response


Ok! Thank you!

#14 You can add BOYFRIEND


I submitted my answer. Good luck. :kissing_heart::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses::grin::heart::fire:
Lots of love,


Thx for sharing the love sista


I don’t mind the details THX


No problem, anytime. Everyone deserves to be treated with some respect, and so do you. I am hoping the best for you.Stay strong.:kissing_heart::grin::heart::fire:


No need, thank YOU.:grin::wink::heart::fire:


I love your VIBE :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::kissing_heart: