Background character placement - help!

I am having so much trouble with my background characters. They constantly pop up in front of my characters Trent and Zane. I want Trent and Zane to be in front, and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Can someone take a look at it for me?

The party was in full swing with a ton of people. Some were dancing, but most were drinking.

&EXTRA 5 stands back far left in zone 2 AND EXTRA 5 faces left AND EXTRA 5 starts read_phone_neutral_loop
&EXTRA 6 stands back left in zone 2 AND EXTRA 6 faces right AND EXTRA 6 starts dance_groove_happy_loop
&EXTRA 3 stands back right in zone 2 AND EXTRA 3 starts dance_wavehands_happy_loop
&EXTRA 4 stands back far right in zone 2 AND EXTRA 4 starts dance_shake_happy_loop
&TRENT spot 0.975 111 159 in zone 2 AND TRENT faces right AND TRENT starts talk_handraised_happy_loop
@add Cup Plastic Blue to TRENT
&ZANE spot 1.038 235 140 in zone 2 AND ZANE faces left
@add Cup Plastic Blue to ZANE
@pan to zone 2
ZANE (sip_cup_neutral_loop)
Why are there so many dudes here?

Thank you!

You have to use layers if you want someone to be in front of someone else
For example:
@CHAR moves to layer 1 AND CHAR2 moves to layer 2
Char is now behind CHAR2

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