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Hi everyone! I have some questions. :blob_sun:
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If someone gives you a background character, can you use it? The character has no role except as a background character. I’m asking this because the episode community exploded this year because of the crossover rule. It’s not really a crossover, though. Does it matter if the background character they gave you is from another story?


Since you were given the character and it doesn’t have a role, I don’t see why this wouldn’t be allowed.


as long as you don’t credit them for it, you can use it freely. just so episode doesn’t count it as a crossover

It’s just a background character so no. If someone miss-used the character as a main role and the person allowed someone else to use it as a background character… let’s just say that would not be good.

What? I don’t understand.

You can’t credit someone who gave you a backround character in your story?

unless you want your story to be reported… no. you could take a chance but they made a huge announcement about crossovers in the past. this was one of the rules.

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^ These are both from the official Crossover Guidelines

I think, if you mean someone shares with you a background character’s visual design only (like a specific appearance combo), then that’s okay. But if you mean someone shares with you a character they already developed and you keep them the same and then write them into your story, then that’s when it breaks the guidelines. So if my friend’s story has the protagonist meet a guy named Sam, and then in my story Sam shows up again, that would be against the rules.

TLDR; If a DC movie had a scene where a guy that looks like Tony Stark walks by in the background, that just happens, but if a DC movie had a scene where it’s explicitly Iron Man, that’s a crossover.

Hope this helps :smile: