Background characters <3


I was wondering if anyone would like to donate their LIMELIGHT characters that I may use as background characters. If anyone wants to participate please include all of the characters exact specifications, names, and your own personal tag so I can credit you for allowing me to use your characters.

Thank you! <3

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no need to credit me but if you decide to then elyssa_episode on episode :slight_smile:

you can credit me at both my ig accounts : @the_best_psycho and the_psychos_art

Diana Cooper :


Credit: @cakegirl_44

Heaven &’ Mercedes are foster sister and they live together. Jacques and Heaven are a couple and have been dating since 9th grade.

He doesn’t like drama but will fight for the people he loves. He shows affection to Heaven whenever and wherever they are. He looks like somebody you shouldn’t mess with but he’s actually a sweet heart. He only has 3 good friends.

She isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Everybody knows her. She loves to have a good time. But get on her bad side and you will wish you never did, she wears the latest fashion. She will stand up to anybody who messes with the people she loves.

She is a bad a**, she doesn’t care what people think of her. Almost everybody fears her and doesn’t wanna mess with her. She has no heart, she’s cold towards people, but she shows love to her foster sister Heaven and Heavens boyfriend Jacques. She had a horrible past which has caused the scar on her nose. She has a job nobody knows about but she’s very good at it.