Background Characters and their outfits

Hey guys,

Just wondering for your background characters do you have them change their outfits every day change or do you keep them in the same outfit and only change it of its something fancy eg “prom/fundraising benefit/gala” type events?

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I usually change it for every occasion/day (but since mine is set in a private school they mostly wear their uniforms so I don’t have to do it as much).
For other settings I mostly create new backgroundcharacters so I don’t always use the same and it’s more realistic as there won’t be always the same people around.


My issue lies with plus size characters don’t have school uniform so my school has to be free dress and wondering if I should change the outfits only when there is an event or if i should change the students clothes every day change

I mean if they are just seen in the background I would just create a certain amount of different background characters so each time you can place different ones and don’t have to change their outfits. I think as long as you don’t always put the same ones you don’t need to change their outfits and I’m sure there are plenty of people that don’t care about that so really it is up to you if you want to put in the effort or not.

Here is a school uniform idea just in case.


Thank you for the suggestions unfortunately I’m using grey school uniform.

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