Background Characters anyone?

Does anybody have any background characters I can use? I am looking for diverse characters, of different ethnicities, religions, etc. I would like as many as possible so I can use them in multiple stories. You will be credited. You can leave your Instagram, or I can credit you by your forums name.
They need to be teenage looking. If you send me some older looking ones, I might make them teachers/other school staff, but I am mainly looking for teenage ones.
The story you will see them in is not yet out, but is coming out soon.
It is called “Crushing”, and this is the description:
Two Girls. One crush. Can you win over his heart before she does? CCMultiple EndingsChoices Matter
The story is in Limelight.
Thank you!

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Here’s a place where you can get 40+ background characters:

Thank you so much @kennedychase and @classycherries
Do you guys want to be credited?

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Part of The Great Big Character Drive does require credit.
I’d really appreciate it, as it took a lot of work!

Okay, will do

Thank you @Oliviawrites4

No problem!!!
My IG:

Okay, I’ll credit

Thank you!!!


You can use my study bug Arabella! My ig is the same as my forum username if you use her. :blush: image|323x500

pierce's%20LL%20profile weston's%20LL%20profile

You can credit me by @cakegirl_44

Name : Roy (Author of Shado)

Body : Neutral_04
Brows : Arched Natural Scar
Eyes : Round Downturned Wide ; Colour : ice blue
Nose : Defined Natural
Lips : Full heart pouty ; Colour : Red deep matte
Hair : Double Dutch Braids ; Colour : Warm white
Face : Round soft

Outfit: Flower Tank Pattern Tank Silk Red Cherry
Double Button Shorts Denim Blue Marine
Flat Lace Up Sneakers Canvas Grey Black
Dragon Sleeve Tattoo Solid

Check this out! I have so much time on my hands, you can pick from the examples for ask me for some characters, I’d love to do it!


Feel free to change clothes

Heaven &’ Mercedes are foster sister and they live together. Jacques and Heaven are a couple and have been dating since 9th grade.

He doesn’t like drama but will fight for the people he loves. He shows affection to Heaven whenever and wherever they are. He looks like somebody you shouldn’t mess with but he’s actually a sweet heart. He only has 3 good friends.

She isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Everybody knows her. She loves to have a good time. But get on her bad side and you will wish you never did, she wears the latest fashion. She will stand up to anybody who messes with the people she loves.

She is a bad a**, she doesn’t care what people think of her. Almost everybody fears her and doesn’t wanna mess with her. She has no heart, she’s cold towards people, but she shows love to her foster sister Heaven and Heavens boyfriend Jacques. She had a horrible past which has caused the scar on her nose. She has a job nobody knows about but she’s very good at it.